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laboratory of journalistic writing and observation of the festival

For a critical viewer - Journalism workshop
curated by Altre Velocità

During Vie Festival 2022, Altre Velocità coordinates a laboratory of observation, gaze, and journalistic writing to encourage the encounter between the languages of contemporary entertainment and the public, inviting participants and readers to recognize and cultivate their role as critical spectators.
The participants at the workshop, open to interested university students and young people, will deal with an editorial work according to the rhythms and forms of daily journalism, having as a tool one or more daily pages in “La Gazzetta di Modena”, which can also be consulted on the festival website.
The work has an eminently practical character and focuses on writing texts such as interview, presentation, short and medium format review. Dialogue, vision and writing are applied as a tool for comparison and development of one’s critical thinking, exploring journalistic methods in order to finalize the personal experience of vision into a “sharing” experience, rediscovering an opportunity for aggregation and discussion of the individual with the community.
During the workshop days, didactic opportunities are offered such as in-depth readings, moments of historical contextualization on the present and on the path of the artists, meetings with specialists and experts in the fields of critical writing, theatrical theory, organization.

Altre Velocità is a group of observers and critics of the performing arts, committed to fostering a network of relationships between the arts and contemporary society, looking at research theatre and dance, emerging artists and international context. Altre Velocità operates as an ‘intermittent’ editorial staff in festivals, events, reviews and theatrical seasons, with in-depth analysis on print media, web and radio, critical writing workshops, seminars and meetings, opportunities for discussion between spectators, artists and operators.

Altre Velocità imagines and proposes tools for critical analysis and dissemination to curators, cultural organizations and institutions, and invites the public to share artistic experience and critical thinking, for a spectator who participates in innovation and reflection in the culture of our time. It deals with critical journalism and gaze education, its projects are supported by the MIC – Ministry of Culture (promotion actions, “public training” in the 2015/2017 and 2022/2024 three-year periods), Emilia-Romagna Region, Municipality of Bologna, Fondazione del Monte di Bologna e Ravenna.

Telling the Festivals

VIE 2022 edition inaugurates a collaboration with the University of Parma, hosting a teaching project applied to the analysis and narration of contemporary cultural practices.
The protagonists of the project are the students of the “Theater and Information” lessons held by Professor Roberta Gandolfi within the master’s degree course in “Journalism, Editorial Culture, Environmental and Multimedia Communication”.
Students will attend some shows scheduled at VIE, with the aim of building reportage capable of telling the shows, but also the atmospheres, places, audiences and cultural policies of the festival. The reports will be published in online magazines and blogs.

VIE Festival focuses on contemporary creation with the aim of intercepting new identities in the field of live performance. It takes place annually in different cities in the Emilia-Romagna Region and is organized by Emilia Romagna ERT / National Theatre.
The path of VIE 22 winds through the different approaches and styles of the contemporary scene, both Italian and international.

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