Rabih Mroué

Born in Beirut n 1967, Rabih Mroué has developed a versatile artistic practice where he assumes, often simultaneously, the duties of actor, director and playwright. Since 1990 he has developed, solo or in tandem with his artistic colleague Lina Majdalanie, striking performance pieces that blur the boundaries between disciplines in a poetic fusion of theatre, installations, performance art and video.
They present works that are a direct reflection of the social and political realities of their country, as they dig into the questions and contradictions underlying Lebanese society. In an unexpected intermingling of documentary and fiction, notably with unclassifiable lecture-performance pieces such as Make Me Stop Smoking (2006) or The Inhabitants of Images (2008), they turn reality into narrative. An iconoclastic artist whose pieces constantly question the limits of representation, Rabih Mroué places humanity at the heart of his work. Intertwining the private and the political, his troubling and disturbing pieces have been acclaimed at major European festival.




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