Kepler-452 was founded in 2015 in Bologna to give life to a theatrical research characterized by a strong interest in the relationship between theatre and reality, in the “outside”, in what exists beyond the theatre: starting from processes of exploration of places and people, Kepler-452 deals with building theatrical works capable of returning the encounters that took place in reality, sometimes involving directly people on stage as the protagonists of their lives, opening the stage at the entrance of those who usually do not enter the scene.

Nicola Borghesi (author, director and actor), Enrico Baraldi (author and director) and Paola Aiello (author and actress) spend much of the rehearsals of their shows outside the rehearsal room, trying to create opportunities to meet persons and places, to make happen a trigger able to give life to theatrical devices that can tell the reality, the object of the investigation, through the company’s point of view.

Kepler-452 has realized many shows, among which La rivoluzione è facile se sai COME farla (The revolution is easy if you know HOW to do it), Comizi d’amore (Love Meetings), a project of participated theatre in different moments inspired by the homonym Pasolini’s documentary, La grande età (The great age) that staged the lives of more than twenty over eightys, Il giardino dei ciliegi – Trent’anni di felicità in comodato d’uso (The Cherry Orchard. Thirty years of happiness on loan for use) that won the Rete Critica 2018 award, and F. – Perdere le cose (F. – Losing things).

In June 2020 the Company premiered with its new audio-guided show Lapsus Urbano // Il primo giorno possibile (Urban Lapsus // The first possible day); in the same year win “Gli Asini” award, and in the middle of the second pandemic wave, Kepler-452 bring in the streets of Bologna the performance Consegne // Una performance da Coprifuoco (Deliveries // A Curfew Performance), followed by Coprifuoco // Spedizioni notturne per città deserte (Curfew // Night expeditions to deserted cities).

In February 2021 the company directs Comizi d’amore #BuenosAires, the opening show of FIBA Festival Internacional de Buenos Aires; in May debuts with Gli Altri. Indagine sui nuovissimi Mostri (The others. Investigation of the newest Monsters).



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