Remembering Maria Grazia Gregori and Renato Palazzi

16 October h 11.00
Bologna, Arena del Sole

Last year, one shortly after the other, two extraordinary theatre critics passed away, two passionate observers and scholars of the scene, two friends: MARIA GRAZIA GREGORI and RENATO PALAZZI.

VIE will remember them through the presentation of the book by Renato Palazzi “Exotic, erotic, psychotic. The worst of the Seventies in 120 film”, preface by Maurizio Porro, afterword by Cristina Battocletti, Cue Press 2021, and the volume “Summa critica. The theatre of Maria Grazia Gregori”, curated by Leonardo Mello, preface by Renato Palazzi, Ubulibri 2022.

With the participation of: Antonio Audino, Anna Bandettini and Maurizio Porro.

Institutional greetings: Elena Di Gioia, Delegata del Sindaco alla Cultura del Comune di Bologna e Città Metropolitana

Free entrance

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