lacasadargilla unites around Lisa Ferlazzo Natoli – author and director –, Alessandro Ferroni – director and sound designer –, Alice Palazzi – actress and project coordinator – and Maddalena Parise – researcher and visual artist –, a number of actors, musicians, dramaturgs and visual artists, building an extended ensemble that works together on performances, installations, special projects and curatorships. lacasadargilla creates its works starting from original texts, literary adaptations and contemporary plays. It builds its projects on the concepts of time and mythographies, as well as on the linguistic, psychic and personal legacies that bind us to our past and to a future we can already have a glimpse of. Recently, the ensemble has started condensing its reflections around the broad theme of the extinction of all those delicate and complex systems that shape relationships, imaginations, anthropologies and ecosystems. lacasadargilla follows musical, thematic and associative principles, allowing the public to process a text as an imaginative and thoughtful movement. All performances have an architectural approach, with a focus on linguistic and cinematic devices as well as on physical scores. Whether they are ‘plasticly’ grafted on a stage performance or declined as installations made of different expressive elements, the ensemble’s visual works stem always from a narrative matrix too.

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